January 23, 2011

Girls night out

This weekend has been lots of fun! My best friend came over this weekend and we had a wonderful time! I don't get to see her that often because we are both so busy with school and other ****, but whenever we do get the time it's crazy fun! We went to a birthay party at CafĂ© Theatre and then  there was an afterparty in Culture Club. I know that the pictures are not the best but to be honest with you I kinda forgot to take good pictures so I just took random ones so you could get an idea of what I'm wearing. The lace top that I'm wearing has been lying in my closet for a while and I couldn't really think of anything else to wear. I think it looks really cute. This morning the fun was over when I realised that I have tons of work to do till tomorrow.. Laptop, hot choco and we're ready to get started! Bluh!


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  2. would like to know where ur friend got her shoes from!
    And nice lace shirt!