January 31, 2011

Parka Hunting

Omg it is wierd that I'm writing about this but today I realised that I still haven't found that "perfect" parka jet. I've been searching my ass off, but I gave up a while ago. Now you might say that almost all the big brands had one in their collection but I always found all of them a little bit cheap looking. I really love the BIG fur hood on Kate Lanphear's parka by Burberry!! It's not like I can afford one but hopefully I'll found one that looks like it. Alix from thecherryblossomgirl.com looks pretty cute aswell in her parka by Marc Jacobs. If you guys know where I can find a parka like this at an affordable price let me know. I would appreciate it!
*Pictures (Citizen's Couture)

Oke so I don't know if you guys have ever heard of Jessie J ?She is a new artist from the U.K and she is really working her way up to the top! To me she is the total package. I love her style and her amazing voice. I've been checking her out on youtube for a while now and I'm just hooked on her voice. This is her new video ft B.O.B. I'm not a fan of his music but Jessie makes it all good! The lyrics:"Life is about more than just making money"


  1. I love military's parka! =)
    come on my blog ;)


  2. I love the first one, giving me ideas. maybe that's what I'll wear tomorrow, put my fur stole over my parka...x

    Just remembered I've done it before: http://followmein5inchheels.blogspot.com/2011/01/casual-khaki.html

  3. I'm obsessed with the Woolrich green parka in the first image! Too cool.
    Come visit!


  4. The first one is the best! Wanted to buy one myself but just like you, I couldn't find the perfect one. And I love Jessie J, her home made videos are fantastic, she has such an amazing voice! Such a long time ago they found someone like her!
    xoxo, E.


  5. i am absolutely ADDICTED to Jessie J!


  6. I love the last picture, what a stunning outfit !

  7. i love parka's, but not in that green kaki color because it's not my type.
    you have a lovely blog x