January 31, 2011

Parka Hunting

Omg it is wierd that I'm writing about this but today I realised that I still haven't found that "perfect" parka jet. I've been searching my ass off, but I gave up a while ago. Now you might say that almost all the big brands had one in their collection but I always found all of them a little bit cheap looking. I really love the BIG fur hood on Kate Lanphear's parka by Burberry!! It's not like I can afford one but hopefully I'll found one that looks like it. Alix from thecherryblossomgirl.com looks pretty cute aswell in her parka by Marc Jacobs. If you guys know where I can find a parka like this at an affordable price let me know. I would appreciate it!
*Pictures (Citizen's Couture)

Oke so I don't know if you guys have ever heard of Jessie J ?She is a new artist from the U.K and she is really working her way up to the top! To me she is the total package. I love her style and her amazing voice. I've been checking her out on youtube for a while now and I'm just hooked on her voice. This is her new video ft B.O.B. I'm not a fan of his music but Jessie makes it all good! The lyrics:"Life is about more than just making money"

January 29, 2011


Yesterday when I got back from school there was a package waiting for me! A while ago I participated on a give away on Fashion Nicotine and I won these amazing gold nails by Blixz! Can't wait to use these.. Today I'm going to stay in and do all my school stuff wich is a looot! And than go to the bf.
Hope u guys have a nice day!

January 27, 2011

Shop my closet!

To be honest with you nothing special happened today.. I'm kind of feeling a little bit sick right now and I'm just hoping that it's not anything serious.. This morning I felt like dressing up a little preppy. What do you think? I also decided to clean out my closet! So that means that you can shop my closet! Yesterday I added the first item and I'm going to post something everyday

I'm wearing:
- trench coat, (Zara)
- shorts and knee socks (H&M)

January 25, 2011

Today I worked my ass off in school! Yesterday I kind of realised that I needed to step my game up in other to get my collection finished in time. So this year we have to make a " mini collection" for our finals.. Mine consist of a dress, pants and a bustier. Ok, at first I was like this is a piece of cake but I really underestemated it. I'll graduatly post pictures of my collection so I can share with you guys how it progresses. So stay tuned! These are some pictures of what I'm wearing today It's really hard to take pictures right now because the weather here is just.. HORRIBLE! It has been raining all day so after school I rushed home to take some pictures inside before it got dark outside. And if you are living in Belgium you know that it gets dark outside around 17 o'clock -.-.. Oh dear Mr Summer where are you?

January 24, 2011


Today was just another school day.. Teacher getting under your skin, noisy classmates and loads of school work. I'm extremely tired but ofcourse I still have some energy to post today's outfit for you guys! The bag I'm wearing today is mos deff one of my favourites.

I'm wearing:
- blouse, (Zara)
- pants, (Bershka)
- bag (River Island)
-nailpolish, ( Barry M)

January 23, 2011

Girls night out

This weekend has been lots of fun! My best friend came over this weekend and we had a wonderful time! I don't get to see her that often because we are both so busy with school and other ****, but whenever we do get the time it's crazy fun! We went to a birthay party at Café Theatre and then  there was an afterparty in Culture Club. I know that the pictures are not the best but to be honest with you I kinda forgot to take good pictures so I just took random ones so you could get an idea of what I'm wearing. The lace top that I'm wearing has been lying in my closet for a while and I couldn't really think of anything else to wear. I think it looks really cute. This morning the fun was over when I realised that I have tons of work to do till tomorrow.. Laptop, hot choco and we're ready to get started! Bluh!

January 21, 2011

New stuff

I know I said that I wanted to spend less money BUT I bought something that I didn't have yet.. I was looking for a long faux fur vest like this but I had not seen the perfect one yet untill today! And the best thing is I bought is for just 20 euro's! It was 70 at first.. So I think it's a good buy, right? The other thing I bought are these wonderful shoes. They were prised off aswell, from 60 to 20 euro's. And I didn't have heels with a chunky heel like this. Since the sles started I think that these things are the best things that I've bought so far..


January 20, 2011

What a hectic day

Hey you guys, today has just been a wierd day. I didn't feel like going to school in the morning so I went after lunch break (the teacher was absent so I didn't see the point of going) and worked on my leather blazer. Last weekend I put it together and everything was going well. But today when it got to the tricky parts I started to have some difficulties.. The machine that I was sewing with wasn't that great and the needle was too thin to go through the leather properly. The thing is I can't sew it over because when you sew leather obviously you can see holes in it when you remowe the thread. Grr enough of that I'll figure that out later. After school I went to Ikea to get some stuff for my room to make it perfect! It's almost finished! FINALY. How was your day?


January 19, 2011

In a good mood

The weather is ok, my math test was ok ( I didn't get it during the lessons so I was prepared to fail the test ) and I ate tiramisu like a mad person ( its just an addiction.. cant help it). I know it sounds silly but those are the things that can really make my day! Today's wednesday so we obviously only had school till 12 o'clock meaning that I had the chance to take good pictures of what I'm wearing today. Usually my school ends at 16.30 and by then the sky is too cloudy and dark and not really nice to take pictures in. Talking about school even reminds me that this school year is passing by sooo fast! I will graduate this year from high school so I'm excited to see how my life will look like after that. I'm planning on studying to be a stylist or a journalist. What do u guys think I should do? Because I can't seem to figure it out!

I'm wearing: overall, (H&M)
 - faux fur vest and blazer, (Bershka)
 - bag and belt, (vintage)
 - shoes, (Zara)

January 18, 2011

Belgian weather did me proud ..

This morning I was running late for school so I couldn't put a lot of time in to today's outfit.. But I did notice that the weather was quite ok so I decided to put on a simple sweater and my jeans vest.. Wearing it made me crave after spring even more!!  At lunch time one of my classmates wanted to go to Hunkemöller ( this is where I took these pics just so you could get an idea of what I'm wearing ) to get some stuff so I went along. I didn't want to spend any money because I didn't need anything but ofcourse I ended up bying some stuff ( pfffff). This year I told myself that I would cut down on the spending but I guess I'm not determent enough. Do you guys have any tips for me on how to spend less?

The green nail polish is from Catrice. Im really loooooving it! Gives every outfit that little extra.
Hope all of u had a wonderful day!

I'm wearing: sweater, ( Newlook )-  jeans vest, (H&M) - skinny garco pants, ( Zara )

January 16, 2011

Black and white on a sunday afternoon

Damn these passed days have been so exhausting. This year I really wanted to redecorate my bedroom so I've been doing just that. It was not easy but I had some help from the bf so it was quite ok.. As u can see the walls are white but the furniture has to come in later.. I'll post it when it's completely done! I managed to take some outfits so here they are. Hope you guys had a wonderful day

I'm wearing: shirt (h&m), vintage belt, purse ( zara )

January 12, 2011

Rainy days

Hey guys! The weather in Belgium is sooo bad that I was even doubting if I would be able to take some outfit posts.. But I tried my best to make sommething out of it! Today I'm wearing a lot of things that I picked up at the sales!

I'm wearing: Faux fur vest that I bought last year but never wore it ( Bershka ), Shirt ( h&m ), Faux leather pants ( Zara ), belt ( Pieces ) and backpack ( h&m)

January 11, 2011

Fashion Nicotine Giveaway

Maak kans op de geweldige nagelfolies van http://www.kanters.be/ !!
Wat moet je doen? Ga naar de blog van http://www.fashionnicotine.com/ en volg daar de instructies! Ik post deze in het Nederlands omdat het alleen geldt voor bloggers uit België!! Succes!

Vogue Russia January Issue

Damn today was quite a fun day I must say.. I was a little bit bumed at first
 because one of my best friends left for another school but he had to if he wanted to succeed this year so I could do nothing than be happy for him!! This editorial in Vogue Russie managed to but a smile on my face! The clothes (styled by Geraldine Saglio ) , the model ( Caroline Brasch ) and the phothography ( by Anthony Maule ) are simply amazing.