March 5, 2011

First DIY post ---> more to come

So when I'm feeling a little sick and not in the mood to go out, ideas start to come. I bought this H&M blazer a while ago during sales. When I got home I was not too happy with it so it was just hanging in my closet untill today! I saw a jacket on some blog and it was a normal blazer with leather sleeves ( ding ding ding DIY!!). They sell a jacket like that in the Zara, thought of bying it but why do that if I can make one myself?? The leather jacket is a really old one from H&M aswell. Wasn't a big fan of the shoulders so didn't like wearing it too much.
Putting sleeves from another jacket on to another one is not that hard, but I don't think you can make it if you don't have any sewing experience at all. It is obvious that when you do this the sleeve doesn't match the jacket you are trying to adjust. At some point I had some difficulties with it, but as you can see it turned out just fine. Can't wait to show you guys an outfit post with this baby!


  1. That looks really good!
    Your talented mayne!

  2. Well done hun, it looks amazing...x

  3. Mooi joh, snap niet waarom je eht in de kast hebt laten liggen!


  4. Well done girl , I liked this jacket ;)
    Thank´s for visited my blog
    You may visite there when you want ;)


  5. love ur blazers baby!!!

  6. Hi, I did visited ur blog :D So, do you live in Belgium? My mum's family too :)I'll follow your blog!!! sorry for writing in greek in mine, I probably should start writing my posts in english :D xoxo

  7. Wow! Echt heel gaaf gedaan:D

  8. Pity, the leather jacket was adorable :( but it would be cool aswell as a vest.
    The final result is nice anyway :)


  9. Wow! Impressive! You're saving money and making use of it at the same time, we love it!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  10. Gracias!!!!!! thanks!!!!

    Biquiños Preciosa!!! te sigo !! ;)

  11. What a great DIY. Thanks for your comment!

    xo L.

  12. Hello!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I love your blog!
    Great creativity, great looks.
    ** following you back now :)

  13. Ik heb het geplaatst op mijn diy blog, is dat goed?

  14. That is such a cool idea! I'm impressed! Love the way you styled it too :)

    your newest follower :)

  15. That H&M blazer is fabulous!! I thought it was from Zara or COS!!! love it! SImple + CHic