February 9, 2011


Well this girl is very happy! Today I went shopping with the boyfriend in Antwerp.. I bought a looot af things but I'll show you guys some stuff tomorrow. On our way to Antwerp the boyfriend and I were suddenly really tired so we were in need of some coffee ( don't like coffee but I knew I could use it ). Yes Starbucks saved us. When I came out of the station I ran into Lien from Sheshotta. Ofcourse looking great as always. Tomorrow I'm going to Antwerp again with school to visit a fashion museum. Hoping that it will be a source of inspiration! On the pictures it looks like I have a whole in my pants but that's not the case. They just look that way when u photgraph them from the side.


  1. Great outfit...x


  2. hello there!

    thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like my photography :)

    I think your blog is great, I really like many of your outfits, so I'll make sure to follow it! please feel free to return the favor if you like my posts :)

  3. Hi dear! Sorry, I've just read your comment.. We are glad to follow u :)

  4. Love this laid back outfit! Love that you pulled the combat boots to go shopping :)
    Only 4months since Im in belgium and Ive heard Antwerp is a go-to city to go shopping, so Im planning on going there and kind of improvise everything lol Id love to go visit that fashion museum as well! Whats the name of your school?

    Sorry for that uber long comment :/

    Step On My Heelz

  5. I've been following your blog for a while now, and you keep mentioning your boyfriend. How about posting a picture of him? :-)

    Love, Sandra!

  6. @ Sandra, Stay tuned and maybe u'll get to see him

    Love, Maame

  7. It was nice seeing you ! Kunt ge geloven da ik ni eens ben gaan shoppen?! :p x

  8. Where did you bought this pants???